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PUMA Hannibal Race was different in Ainata – Al Arz

22 Aug. 2016- A village that you can reach after 3 hours of driving from Beirut, Ainata – Al Arz was the place chosen by threshold to organize the 2nd PUMA Hannibal Race of the year. Once you reach your destination, the amazing atmosphere of the event will attract you to discover the track, obstacles and meet the participants making  you forget about the long time spent in the car.

That’s what we saw after reaching the place:

15 tough obstacles in a 6 Km track is definitely a big challenge for the warriors! Participants were divided into waves and the race started with the military, Amine Dib (race organizer). It was clear that the race will be tough and the warriors should be both strong and smart to finish it with the fastest time.

And the excitement is a GO:

The Lebanese Calisthenics Academy guys were also there to give the people an entertaining show. Check out some of their skills!

Warrior Imad Jezzine was the fastest of the first wave, and was the first one to cross the finish line. The waves were launched one by one and the participants were crossing the finish line tired and covered in mud!

Here’s what the participants said about the obstacles and the race after crossing the finish line:

Once again threshold organized a very successful event and this time they proved to have very loyal warriors. Despite attending the hannibal race a month ago, they showed no complaints crossing all this distance to get more and more of what Threshold is providing of excitement in this race.

We salut Carine Lahoud & Amine Dib for organizing such a successful event, leaving us, as always, happy and proud to be part of it.