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I have questions about my race, should I contact the venue?

Please send all race-related questions via our Contact Page.


How do I get bib numbers, race waivers, the athlete guide, packet pickup info for my race?

The best way is to visit your specific race events page. On that page is a section titled “Important Race Documents” and as your race gets closer, we will add the downloadable .pdf files to that section that will have what you need. This typically happens the week of the race. Also, it is just good practice to visit your race events page often as it has updated race information, updated packet-pickup information, hotel and boot camp updates, etc. So check back often as it is not uncommon your races event page will get updated with more current information than seen when you registered as the race gets closer.


What is Puma Hannibal Race?

Simply, Hannibal Race is the first obstacle race series in the middle east. It’s an event of pure primitive craziness that you’ll never forget! Puma Hannibal Race has: Different distances for different levels and styles or racing.

A unique culture and community of athletes striving together to overcome any and everything


How do I register for a Puma Hannibal Race?

Look for the buttons on each races specific event page. You can get to each races specific event page by clicking the button found on the home page OR found on the Events page. .


What else makes Puma Hannibal Race extreme and unique?

The clock! If our courses do not kill you outright, our clock will. This is not just a “trail run” or any old “mud run”, it’s a race. Most anyone can manage 7 Km and some obstacles. We present you with the ability to hit the course hard and see how you rank. Not just against the competition, but yourself. We want you to be shooting for PERFORMANCE and have you reach it.


What kind of obstacles are at a Puma Hannibal Race?

There are some staples in our repertoire. There are also some venue specific and terrain inspired obstacles. We will not, however, spell it out for you. As well, you will get no course map to inspect. There is fire, mud, water, barbed wire, and occasionally Hell on Earth. There WILL be obstacles to catch you off guard. Curve balls, so to speak. Get over it. We’re here to rip you from your comfort zone. If you need a road map for each step of the way, then maybe this race isn’t for you.


What do I get with my entry fee?

  • Chip Timing and individual race time
  • Awesome Finisher Medal
  • Post Race Party – music, food to purchase, and drink*!
  • Bragging rights


Can I register by mail or phone?

No, all registrations must be completed online


Explain the wave start time system please..

Waves of 50 athletes will be released every 10 minutes starting at 10am with our Elite Wave.


How much does it cost to race a Puma Hannibal Race?

The prices of each event are listed in a pricing table on the specific race event page. The prices vary based on the type of race you’re doing – Speed, Endurance, Hell – and by when you sign up.


Do you offer refunds?

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds.


I’m injured and can’t run, can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds.


Is there an age limit or minimum age to participate?

Yes. The minimum age to race a full Puma Hannibal Race is 18 and the maximum age is 99.
From 16 till 18 the parent must sign a consent paper.


I’ve lost my confirmation email, can I get another?

You can get the confirmation email if you send us the Coupon Code you purchased.


Can I edit my participant info?

Once you Receive the confirmation email, you will notice a link which let you edit all your personal information.